Thursday, November 20, 2008


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Fact 1

I am straight, there are no traces of bending. TO hell with that...Read my post abt it...I pray to god i would not stoop that low, and i wont. I love girls! a non perverted way.hahahahaha...Pardon me for my hahahahahaha, it's a habit, by means of chatting in the net or on the phone...til my friend thought i was high on crack..hahahha

Fact 2

I am sengal...yup...and yea, i kinda blurt out crazy stuffs..ahaha, but rest assured, i'm not crazy.
I have a craze for coffee...Tho sumtimes, i fall asleep after drinking coffee,,damn,
eventho it's a double espresson head's just crazy...and ow yea, coffee with sugar is not quite my liking...hahaha...tho,yea,sumtimes if there's sugar in it...wut to do..hahha....


I kinda formed a therapeutic habit of taking pictures and playing the guitar when i'm stressed..Tho, I like taking pictures of objects...and sucks at taking ppl's pics..learning at it tho..And yea, I still have a long wayyyyyy to go before becoming a guitar god...adoi..

Fact 4

I listen to various genres of songs..which kinda surprised a few of my friends...yea, i may dress up hip-hopically---..but,i listen mostly 2 rock...well,talking abt judging a book by its cover..hahhaah..But yea, anything dats good to the ears are fine with me..

Fact 5

I am practically an amateur in anything i do...but,yea,i'm trying to improve myself here

Fact 6

I am single, and enjoying it.haha..Tho I'm riddled with questions like, when are you getting a gf and stuff..well,thanks 4 ur concern....but,yea, i'm still enjoying it..But one thing that really makes me wonder...there's always a story about me and any anynomous person..hahaha, digosip plak...adey...

Fact 7

I love food..hahaha...Which sometimes I would spend quite a fortune 2 eat...not withstanding, my miniscule student allowance..haaha...well, hutang kalori boleh dibayar...hutang puas dibawa mati...I shed off calories by exercising..punish the lemaks! and yea, in the same time, enjoy...kill 2 birds with one stone,,

Fact 8

People change and I change...Any errors done makes us human....To err is human, to forgive is divine...Yup, i dun care if ppl want 2 say a shitload of badmouth behind my it or not, as saint-ly as u r...u will sometimes badmouth accidentally...tho it might be in a good manner.. hahhaa...Just chill....Tho, it'll be interesting to know who badmouth u and wut the badmouthing are...hahahaha...not everybody loves you you know.

I wanna tag....

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the raihan said...

'hutang kalori boleh dibayar...hutang puas dibawa mati.'

haha.nice one.
oh, hello, btw!

paan said...

ola there

dee.m.saari said...

heeeyyy...i tak tau pun u like coffee!

come visit me at sbux then i bagi u coffee tasting :)kalau tak pun, suruh la amzar buatkan!

no sugar. ur gonna looovvee it!

What's luv gotta do ? said...


meamizuno said...

lol mana bole tag balik..ahahah