Monday, February 18, 2008

G.I.R.L u

well,since i have inadequate time to post something, this is all i could manage..for a first post that is...i'll keep in touch in the interim...

this is a poem written by myself,dedicated to girls,everywhere(i'm not a mat bunga aite!)

anyway,do enjoy


Get up and smell,

the sweet scent of glory,

Dat'll make you fell,

tumbling from storeys,

In the vigour of the sun,

her radiance melts the moon,

Which makes the stars run,

and the planets,soon,

Running for miles and miles,

a sweet voice echoes lullabies,

for a memorable while,

until the soul says goodbye,

Like a cliff on a riverside,

rupture means anytime,

but with you by my side,

Heavens whispered a lullaby,all the time,

G.I.R.L, a 4 letter crush,

throbbing hearts as it may,

making blood go rush,

Mesmerized, as I say,