Thursday, April 29, 2010

this is even worse.

another illuminatification by gaga

I'm not being hateful or whatsoever, but i'm just's like...WTF?..the's scary.

lady satan

the analysis done by this person is like, daang.
any relevancies to satanism, wallahualam, it's up to you to decide.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


aku rase kekadang aku ni baik sangat la.....bukan memuji diri, but at times too tolerant...but im thinking...screw that..baik2 pon...last2 kite yg kene sisihkan or kene tinggalkan. so much for being tolerant....your environment is your greatest enemy, should you, not be careful.

it's good to be good...but i need to learn to stop being good...screw that.

i may be loud at times, or a lil crazy but hey, i;m human, deal with it. i can tolerate people, you should tolerate me for a change...enough is enough

Saturday, April 24, 2010

muka buku

facebook...a global phenomenon striking the hearts of young and old respectively. Created by a Yahud, he's now a billionare...dang, which the program originally was an intranet based application for his university.

It's interesting, yes, and annoying at the same time. People could just spend the whole day in front of it without fail, and yes, it might contribute to the 250% obesity increase among Malaysians recently.

What i find interesting about facebook is that, yes, you could meet all sort of people, well, a SNS it is..and in the same time, meeting old friends, new friends...etc..Nowadays, the sharing of assignments, any sorta's all done on facebook, a.k.a FB....yes, FB it is.

Some might agree that it's a stalking apparatus....hurm, can see what people are up to, in mere seconds, and also their pictures...etc...scary, it is...and in the same time, could be beneficial to parents (i don't support this)....and luckily my parents are not in the hype to use FB at all...thank god....

Okay, pertaining to the status updates, i could see all sorts of vainness...well, i do at times...but, the most annoying thing i find is, NAK BERAK PON NK BAGITAU KE?...durh....that's lame ass...come on...and vain stuff incomprehensible to man. seriously, grow up...well, it's your right, and i don't question it, but am annoyed by it, and it's an opinion. and if you're against it, Fuck it.

well, moving's a good marketing strategy for photographers, although, the RM100 bla bla bla shit is annoying...ow yea, pictures of people holding money...if u'r damn rich, why aren't you in the forbes list...jeez...this is how the world operates money money...we all need money..yeah we do...and that explains capitalism....and the increasing price of commodities...

What the hell, a box of cereal, without SUGAR costs RM20+,,,...ALPEN MUESLI to be exact...and the product with LESS SUGAR...what difference does it much for amalkan gaya hidup sihat, KEmpen teh tarik and nasi lemak pulak...seriously, Malaysians are getting fatter..well, i'm fat, but in the verge of losing it, the fat i mean..

come on, nk ajak exercise, macam2 alasan...well, i'm like that at times...but hey, we're human, and we err much...but the easiest thing is, to eat..yep...a mutual agreement will be secured..
and government servants, this is not defaming, but i do see the police in courts are having extra tyres....and same goes to some government servants...i think that there should be a rule on fitness of staffs....

I was living in singapore when i was 7..and i was overweight at that time. You know what they did? A sorta like fat loss programme...i was heavy, so they dd have an exercise programme to help you lose weight...FOr the morbid ones, they have fat camps....amik...

Wow, that's too far astray from the FB topic..but yea, let's keep ourselves healthy...but i do understand that at times...there cant be even time to much for this hectic world and its utopia fantasies...and its capitalist schemes...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

aku suka

I'm melting.....

secret training mmg x boley bla...

Aku bukan fan mane2 kelab bola or even the sport itself...but ni mmg xleh bla
no wonder kalah.hahha

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bigger Ben

As the space crunch on Earth continues, most buildings are going vertical. The second tallest building, which is just about 251meters shorter than Dubai's 828-metre tall Burj Khalifa, will be unveiled soon. The Makkah Clock Royal Tower measuring 577-meters long will be 59 meters taller than the 508-metre tall Taipei 101 tower. Developed by the Saudi Bin Laden Group, the tower is a part of the 4.5 million-square-metre, Abraaj al-Bayt complex, of the Kingdom Holding Co.

Mak aih, lagi tinggi dari KLCC.....dekat mekah...memang betul dah akhir zaman ni.....banyak skyscraper kat negara2 arab, padahal tu petanda akhir zaman....mmg x sedar diri....
source :

Thursday, April 8, 2010

a dream not worth....

yesterday evening, y waiting for the rain to stop, i fell asleep, only to experience a very peculiar dream..Imagine this, i was hanging out with a few people, and later i discovered each was's like, an invisible hand is choking them....

well, the weird part was, before i woke up from my sleep startled....i was in the process of choking one of them, and at that time, there was a mirror, which i looked into it and not saw myself, but a reflection of me having a gray skull for a face....and suddenly i felt like an electric shock running all through me....imagine like in the anime, where there's a ray of light above the person and electric running through to put it...super saiya kind of way....sheesh...that was the moment i woke up,...feeling mentally tired and physically exhausted....right till today......

i wonder what that dream tells me....not the sleeping in the evening wasn't even close to maghrib....tho i can still remember how my face looked like..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pre grad dinner 2010

The dinner, well, a pre graduation dinner, was held in Kelab Shah Alam yesterday...tho there was some glitch here and there, it was fun, nevertheless...good job to the committee

Everyone was dressed up, like, daaang...sampai aku pon x kenal...haha....btw, here's some pics from the event.

Me performing my song "BiLiS"...a lil haywire, but hey, i managed to pull it through...thanks to Adam,Cimang and Din 4 the Help
needed a vain moment

With The Accused and Amir + Nabil (not in picture, Kamal, nazmi, kimok)

so yea, 3 years passed....a very quick, i'll have to pass this one, to get into LLB....which im not prepared yet..yea....