Sunday, December 28, 2008

apekah yang apekah??

yea,Malaysian sangat bersopan santun

mungkin mengandungi...camne 2....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ho ho ho

A 5 year old kid and his mom went to a shopping complex somewhere in New York,
Christmas eve was around,
And there was Santa in the mall...He was listening to the children's whispers and was sitting on a big chair.

On the way back, the kid asked, "Mommy, who is Santa?"
Mom replied, "Santa is an rounded belly old man, with a white beard. HE brings presents to kids every christmas, and he wears a red suit,while riding rain deers to give presents."

The Kid asked again, "where does he live?"
Mom replied, " The north pole, dear."
The kid replied, " He must be lonely,penguins and polar bears lives there right?."
Mom : errr,

Kid : "Mommy, just now i saw the news"
Mom : Really? what did u see?
Kid : A man with a white beard
Mom : Santa? nice..
Kid : No no no...the news lady called him ter,rrr,sst, trorast...
Mom : It's terrorist dear
Kid : ..Mom, that man had a white beard, and his belly is huge....why are they cruel
to him? Why Santa?
Mom : that is because.....

Kid : And mommy mommy, Yesterday I was at Malik's house,
Mom : REally?
Kid : Malik is a Muslim, he told me, mommy, what is Muslim?
Mom : Errr
Kid : and Mommy mommy, i saw santa claus at Malik's house yesterday
Mom : Santa who?
Kid : He was going outside. He was carrying a big black bag!
Mom : How do you know he was santa dear?
Kid : He had a white beard, a big belly and he was wearing red!!!!
Mom : He must be Malik's dad, (going out to throw the trash)---smacked her forehead
Kid : MAlik's dad is Santa? Coooool!!!!

Kid : i heard from Malik, every grown muslim man needs to grow a beard, is Santa muslim?
Mom : *stunned* trying to divert kid's attention,,...

The story is just a rant, to let us think about it.

orang tua awesome

mamat ni priest kat italy...tapi passion utama die dalam life...
death metal..x bley bla orang tua ni,hahaha...
siap ade death metal band name fratello metallo..and ade 3 album kalo x silap..
talking about passion...hahaha


the "Incredible Hulk" of our times??? He got married 28 times and has fathered 35 sons and daughters. The eldest, Sameh, is 24 years old, while the youngest, Sayyed, is only three. Medical tests have proven that his strength equals 260 horsepower.But a normal healthy man with a good stamina didn't even get to 1 hp. He can bend a metal coin with his eye socket or his tongue. Then he breaks it in two with his bare hands. He also claimed his medical report requires him to have 15 times of sex a day


Thursday, December 25, 2008

DEc. 25

Christmas...from my observation,is enjoyed by many,
even the non christian too....
well,no wonder,
the thought of santa and his rain deers,
and also the present giving thingy plus the snow,
And opening up the presents,
The mistletoe and stuff,

yea,what peaceful image it creates in this forsaken world...

But then,In our country, we celebrate every festival..
Seboleh-bolehnya nak celebrate abes!
i just chatted with my friend in Russia,
On Christmas eve,he has classes and there's no holidays,
and my dad told me, when he was in LA,
The atmosphere there was just normal,
NO big budget celebrations and such

Our country..talking about multiracial community..

I ain't being to radical here,
but, 4 me,as a Muslim, it's not wrong 2 wish others,
just do not get too indulged in the celebration,
coz,remember the pine tree..
The YAhudi protector,Yea,When the time comes

yea, I respect other religions,
And I dont condemn any,
It's just a rant,
from what i observe....
WE do make too much of a celebration in out country,
WE are number one in that sense.
But in other senses,
Are we actually growing weaker day by day?

It's good to fantasize all those stuff,
just don't overdo it..ahahahaa

p/s : If it snows in Malaysia, Tasik Shah ALam,Titiwangsa,+ ors would be a large skating ring..hahahaha

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

War of the Phage- Day 2

Day 2

It is getting colder...the call for reinforcements seems to fade away..
The troops are dropping one by one like bacteria under antibiotics..
Munitions are running low, each of us with only a mag 2 move on..
The phage army found our hideout, and riddled us with more and more bullets,
without forgetting the constant shelling.

All hope is lost...


amidst the smoke and debris,
a light reaches us,
Thank god, reinforcements have arrived.

An Ezede bomb dropped from our bombers....


In an instant the phage army was only a distant memory.
All that remains, was a few, which was gunned down by a cat and mouse chase,to the very end..

Victory, although short, was a pure satisfaction...

WE march on,
into the war clad battlefield,
with senses 360,
WAtching eveything that lingers around...

The reinforcements, without fail had proven to be helpful.
The general had been kind enough to send us nurofen-type bullets and shells..
Hell Yeah,
We're gonna fry these bastards straight out from the system


War of the Phage- Day 1

Day 1

An explosion in the sky shook everything up. The Phage Nation made a surprise attack at dawn, leaving a large amount of casualty behind. They were too quick. Everything was gone in a split second.

All that is left were remnants of the white army. We fleed into the higher grounds.
Commander Retro Virus (RV) planned a counter attack involving a flank attack.

Mission failed. WE were far too outnumbered...Our standard Panadol carbine are far less superior than the flu-gun used by the phage army in the battle. Out of 40, 10 of our troops lost their lives..commander RV too was seriously wounded, though thankfully not fatal. The enemy...yeah, we gave them a hell of a fight though overcomed by vast differences...They lost a few soldiers and a few trucks.

As we retreat into the depths of the vein forests, A distress call was made, seeking reinforcements. coverage was shitty..Damn Maxis..huh. All we did was pray for the best and barricaded our posts...while shivering in fear under the heavy mucus rain and constant shelling of the T-4 artillery by the Phage army. Bummer...Where's the Damn reinforcements....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

malam smalam

aku nampak Hummer H2 uncle Don nye...num plate TV3....
giler cool...aku pn nak