Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shoes...How to buy them

I'm not a certified physician,but i learned a few stuff about getting the right shoes, and yeah,i kinda want 2 share it

This post is for ppl looking for sports shoes!

There are the low arches,the high arches and the normal arches if i'm not mistaken...
well,that's called foot pronation....
ever wondered if you're feeling sore at your legs after you wear certain shoes...or worse injured?

You got yourself wrong shoes...

aite, to check what type of pronation you are,check your running/walking/any shoes you're wearing..

observe your right shoe

| |
---> ur right leg/shoe (inner, left part) |_|(outer---right part)

same goes with ur left foot...just reverse it's position.
Check TAPAK!!!!

IF ur outer/right part is worn out/haus...ur a high arched pronation type of foot...
Those with these pronation are prone to injury and needs shoes with extra support and cushioning..

If ur inner/left part is worn out/haus, ur a low arch..usually, i heard,running shoes with a stablizing midsole are for low arch fot...

If ur back is worn out...ur a normal too much info on this tho..

Apologies for lack of info...perhaps i focused too much on high arched foot..hahaha, coz i have a higharched pronation.

It's simple tho...just ask the salesperson wut type of shoes are suitable for your kind of leg..

If you're looking for running shoes/ training shoes, go to any shops specified for running...i.e. Brooks, New balance...Just try asking the people in there,they'll know wut to do...

Well,that's sumting i wanna share...yea, my lack of info may not be good, ut at least, hey, u might know ur foot type.

Remember,just ask..If they dunno...well,hahhaa..It's ur luck then.

P/s...For wide footed ppl (me included)...Look 4 new balance....they have large sizes and wide cuttings...

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dee.m.saari said...

New Balance should pay you commission!

coz when i'm gonna go find new shoes for myself,NB'd be my first target. thanks to u. huhu