Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I just came back from singapore, (well not just) but practically yea...this evening..
A 3 day 2 night holiday it goes....it's fun..

And i got myself a new girlfriend...yeeehaw..an addition to my 2 more gfs..lol

lol....enjoying each and every moment..hhaa, a tamron 28-300mm lens..Her name's tammy btw..hahahhaa

Singapore....an annual vacation spot 4 my family....never grow tired of that place...particularly due to the abundance of stuff, which can make a sane goes insane.

Got myself a bag.kappa 2 be frank...surprisingly, it can fit in a laptop and even a textbook,nice.lol

Just a snapshot nearby vivo city..lol

Enough of the shopping chatter, enter food galore...lol

murtabakgasmic...in victory restaurant, arab street....(pic above)

This was taken in Apollo restaurant...nearby the Kandang kerbau hospital..A must try...the curry is simply fabulous..

This is called, soto Baseball...well, the begedil is as big as a baseball..lol...@ Tg. Pagar Railway Station

Milo giant...very the miloness...ahaha

And the awesome..no..wait for it, legendary tauhu telur(egg tofu) @ Maimunah...simply tofugasmic..

Now, lets move on..

These are the samples i took using tammy,

Gecko's revenge...just love the bokeh and the sharpness of the lens..it's solid and well built...arnd 550g..and an all rounder..so it's good...Due to the fact, there's no need for frequent lens changes which is damn iritating. 28-300mm...a good one..

and went back 2 my dad's ol office, when hw was the PCKP @ Singapore, back in 1994-1996..The place where i used 2 play..

Tho i HDRed it 4 fun..lol

Turns out like it's Fallout 4.hahaha

And nothing much actually, just going 2 the usual places we always go..Till the day of departure


and in the plane, my gigamness goes on with Tammy...Oh Tammy.ahahhaa

Yep,that's all 4 now...hope u enjoyed this post..ciao

Saturday, June 27, 2009


a band from iceland...sigur ros...love the performance

Thursday, June 25, 2009


yeah,the transformers fever still kicks in...
got this email a long time a go....just forgot 2 post it..
wow, wonder if my car cld do this...
If this is real, i'd save A LOT for fuel

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


autobots maybe kalah kalo lawan kat shah alam...Jalan lubang2,..tayar konfem pecah/rim bengkok...and maybe tersangkut kalo nak transform..hahaha

Imagine nk drift time nk transform...tibe2 sangkut.mane x tergolek..or tayar bengkok..hahaha

Monday, June 22, 2009


Create Your Own

Apparently, if they were to make another star trek movie, i would be glad to be a romulan.ahahhahaa...(i wish)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


yesterday night, while driving 2 sec 3, near PKNS junction, well, i was really agitated.

the light was green, and i was driving at a normal speed. 2 cars were behind me, a honda jazz, and a car doe...

To put it simple, at the junction, while i was driving past the traffic light, some asshole WAJA from the other direction came in, at a high speed..IT was RED at the other side.

I could almost feel the car hitting me..it was like just right next to me....Alhamdulillah, my instinct was fighting 4 it, and i pressed the accelerator real hard. The car behind me braked hard too...luckily no accident had occured.

In the 1st place, what the HELL?? pity i couldn't see the registration num of the DAMN WAJA...but all i know is, it's the stock grey with a black hood, and skirtings...with hideous rims...

* U should know those who doesn't know how to modify their cars...very Kelly Ng spec.

I was lucky..thank god. imagine if i was hit, well, as tough the savvy might be( from what proton and ors claim) its a waja at a high speed, + physics principle.

= quite an accident.

well, the death part may be exaggerating but yea, hurt may be it..

Thank god i'm left unscathed...well, the Damned WAJA could most probably be under a lorry's tyre, or in some ravine...LOL..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

dart off

The virus creeps silently, into the head of the boy. Cells of care were taken, enslaved. It wrote Don't care.

The virus creeps further and further, into the speech mainframe..All is reset...Sarcasm's aired...Rudeness fills the air,Jerkiness spikes. In the shadow of the brains, the boy saw red...It dilutes in pure annoyance and pure redness.

The sight and see station is no more white with serenity, all is filled, blackness it goes. dead memories in his veins, pure nonsense it aint. He is now changed, The devil behemoth.

The boy aint ill intended, the boy just shove crap off..The essence of care is no more, for at times, it's just pure fecal on the yard. Goodbye care, may life be honest, may life be fair, may life be fun on you.

A meager imagination is not. Its real, The boy hates. angry he hates, darts may come, sweep all off, no trace of none,cool he remains.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Report 3 : Haprakness

I've been noticing the behaviour of people in courts.

Before that, what do the courts mean..It's not COurts Mammoth..that's a dumbass answer.
The courts, where the law is upheld, or sometimes twisted...depends..but still, it's a noble place.

Clearly in Malaysia, The community's still a DUMBASS..Yes i've said it..Not all, but from what i see....X PAHAM BAHASA KE????

THere's lots of no smoking sign posted i mean everywhere in the courthouse. But clearly, the addiction to smoking just turns the law a blind eye...

Okay, i went to KL court 2day. . At the entrance was a big sign


an dmore similar signs inside...

But what shocked me was, outside of the magistrate court, there's this chinese old lady smoking like nobody's business. Hell, some part of the building reeks of ciggarate smoke. Even in the court..WTF???

Even some of my friends there said the policemen were smoking in the compund...i mean, i know the urge to smoke, but, daang, it's so Malaysian... come on, where's the enforcement? It's simply very eye-soring...amik ko.

Perhaps there should be one spot made for these X PAHAM BAHASA people..Or just fire extinguish them...No,no no, it's not a prejudiced statement on smokers, it's a statement on people who X PAHAM BAHASA.

It starts from an early age..IF the old people do not abide by the law, DOn;t xpect the young ones to follow.

Another public message from Retro Virus

Report 2 : Durian and fridges

Meeting many new faces in the past few years had been quite interesting, and also a PISS OFF in some ways.

WEll,how should i start, being a human, the drama, the tension is always there. There are many types of personalities that sprung up like shrooms after the rain. From the PASUM days to almost the 3rd year of my degree, many things had happened, some memorable, some written GO TO HELL on it.

When u talk about someone, the usual criteria would be

b)good things
c)Mami Jaruming

a,c,d could come under 1 criteria..

But thinking of it, these things are really bad..i mean reaaal bad. Imagine unwanted stories coming out, and upo u knowing it..Ur like WTF??? I didn't say it.

eg. There was once this audition, and the band i'm in didn't make it. no big deal..But later i heard from another friend who made it through, there's a person in a band i'm in who's not satisfied with the result.. The thing is, x pasal2 aku gak kene..huhu...I'm ok je..xde hal

Well, that adds in a new proverb created by me.

" Kerana Durian sebijik, berbau 1 peti ais"

Well, that's one of it..

Let's move on.

SO what;s the deal with badmouthing? It amounts to fitna, and also defamation. Tho on the contrary, it can be used in good faith...I'm not propagating the belief to badmouth ok, it's another alternative, to not break the bonds of silaturrahim.

For example, u know somebody is an ass...that doesn't mean u will be going jaja-ing stories about the person..to be safe, make it a warning to another person to be careful with that so called ass, so that the other person will not continue the chain of badmouthing and would be much more prepared with the "ass".

This chain of umpatting is normal..tho i might say, if ur intention is to warn another about the consequences arising from the person's imperfection as a human, it's cool tho...at least we could handle the person without any heartfeelings and stuff..

But one thing that i cant accept is, when people spread untrue stories about us. That's a bitchy one. Yup, on the previous statement, make sure what u'r telling people is accurate and CORRECT!...Don't spread false rumours.

WEll, that's all for now. More reports to come.

Remember, Don't be a typical Mami Jarum...It destroys life..DOsa pon dapat..Same la umpat...tho kalo nak warning orang with the accurate facts, certified..it's ok.

"Kerana durian sebijik , berbau 1 fridge"


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Report 1 : personal study and observation

Apparently majority of guys liked by girls have these traits ;

tall,FAIR, JAMBU, bad-boyish...
what they do apparently seems right, even the ugliest things, or any errors.
Even the slightest sneeze/fart/human error can just make the girls go into lala land..
i.e, a good looking dude waves his hair like in the shampoo commercial, the girls go angau for a week...Imagine a normal/ugly dude

Any junk old cars they drive turns into a masterpiece..

Real life fact 1 ;

A dude, fair,tall, and have quite some looks, drove a beetle, everyone doesnt seem 2 have a problem, even girls seem 2 like the car,

Imagine a normal looking guy, or one without looks driving it...how does that look..
or do any ugly thing/error....how does that look...

Let's face it, looks are usually the 1st thing someone sees in a person.Don't lie. It true

personal experience..

Being big,dark, and ordinary looking has its story.
1.Rode a bus..2 seats vacant, one beside me, another at the opposite seat..my friend was at the other opposite. A girl came in2 the bus..saw me with quite a surprising look, and quickly rushed to my friend who's less scary looking.

2. In the commuter...a few times..Throughout the whole journey, the seat beside me was vacant, despite lots of ppl standing..and giving me weird glances..apekah??

At times, what an average/normal/ugly guy do, is like, yea sure, whatever...A good looking guy does what the normal/ugly person says/do, suddenly he's the 'God', and everyone worships him..

End of report 1.

Basically,what i'm trying to say is, don't be such DUMBASSES to quickly judge people.
For example, I have a friend named Brock back in the MRSM days..at 1st glance, he really looks like a big time gangster, but he's one of the coolest dude i know, and the ones with looks, face it, " the Kelso factor(if u watch 70's show), are there...no brains, attitude je lebey...still sought like hell by the girls.

If u see a large dude, with a mean face n stuff, doesn't mean he's the bad one..Of course there are, but as that type of dude, but it hurts at times, when u'r being prejudiced. We're human, prejudiced Dumbass.

Well, being prejudiced is human, but i hope from this post, u'll lighten up a bit.
Don't be quick 2 judge people..Although at times they really are assholes or total bitches..but, just stay chill..

I do make errors too, yea, i may have been prejudiced..Heck it kinda hurts at 1st, but now, DILLIGAD™ (Do i look like i give a damn)...hahhaa..

A public message from retrovirus