Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Flying sneezing pigs

I just received a news...which i had speculated earlier..

Uitm Shah Alam will be quarantined till the 2nd of august,starting from today. EArlier, it was PErak,Melaka and Penang...and just now i heard PErlis too,was closed.

Well,the terminology of being "quarantined" was miraged by the "semester break"...which in fact compromises our Raya holidays, the supposedly "real" semester holidays, a friend told me...

So, happy piggie flu day. and may the pigs, not fuck up your system.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something i dreamt of

Mase kecik2 dulu mengidam gak bawak bende2 camni

For this one,,,daamn, i could easily ram up CK building

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

war of the phage 2- PArt 1

It's been a while. The smoke bombs deployed by the SOB phages are taking effect. Immobilized, we are. constant shelling too, had crippled our artillery unit...We were hit bad.

SArge was cool, even in this point of time.

" Be wary of their presence lads..fight till ur last cell. use every ammo you can, if not, bite them off if you have to. We're the 5th WHITE REGIMENT bitch!!!"

Those words of valor, ignited the flames in our thinning squadron. We knew, once we lost, the whole of Chilladoe will be engulfed by General Phagos IV and his marauding army of phages. Trenches were built,, defences was set..Every night we went through fear, sleeping in foxholes, worsen by the rain. Our equipments are so badly drenched, even a snail could flee easily...WOrds came in blew up our misery..Commander Enza and Commander Viral's forces are on the way...Those Son of Bitches...Commander Enza has lead the phage army to victory,with no losses, leaving no survivors behind...Viral on the other hand, is even more of a Bastard. He would feed his POW to his 2 pet abomination of nature, hideous, grotesque, and horrible.

Enza's forces are 2 days away, while Viral's forces are reportedly 5 days away. Damn, our hope now lies in the hands of the WHITE BERET regiment..for now.


Meanwhile, in the dense forest of Lympho, commander Panzer, head of the White Beret plans a suprise attack on both commander Enza and Commander viral.

The plan is set,
" Zede, Profen, both of you and your squads flank Enza's squad on Lymphoma Pass..The high grounds could prove useful for cover, and for them to reach Sarge, the mucus river is the only way. Use every advantage there is, and for God's sake, every luck there is. Enza ain't a fool, with him, are 5 of his best guards, the Retros." commanded by PAnzer.

The Retros are Enza's 5 bodyguards. Ruthless, skillfull and also fearsome..Their accuracy are flawless, and their melee attacks simply blows everyone away. They are simply the ones leaving our units scattered dead. Enza's tactic is easy, He uses a blitz style, powerful, but if we could delay his attacks, it would turn against him.

" Listen,Enza and his Retros are strong, but lack endurance. Use that against him. Zede and Profen, distract his battalion, while me and Para will deal with Enza. Crazy? Yes we are! OOOraa!"

To be continued.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


ME and my buddies went to ENvy's concert last Saturday @ Bentley's auditorium, Mutiara DAmansara...I tell u, it was pure

And there was this opening act by Some crappy band and also Love me Butch...Some Crappy band literally means a crappy band..not a name of a band.

I aint putting pics of the crappy band..

next stop..ENVY.,hahaha

mmg best...seriously..worth every penny spent.
THe songs are beautifully made, tho it's post-hardcore, but it creates a feeling of like experiencing a story, especially during during the song 'scene'.

It was a blast, and the pics are taken with my trusty canon and tammy.ahaha..
This is my 1st time taking picture in a concert..i do hope some comments will help me improve my photography skills...

More pics in

and my facebook account.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am Paan.Season 3.episode 1.HDTV-XviD.avi

The new sem started...marking the dawn of my entrance in the final year of the BLS programme. It feels very apathetic....particularly due 2 the new parking system...i guess...Maybe it's the 1st week, with cancellation of classes and wasted energy walking far just to find out there's no class......perhaps it'll get better soon.

3 Freaking years in Uitm..met tons of people...met asses, been an ass...met jerks, been a's fun, as a personal research and observation.

There's self loathing individuals seeking for attention...i maybe once, but i'm not now...yup, a few...seeking attention from every angle..

There's also the queen bee,controlling the soul of every human...forcefully sucking the life and commanding others.

Next, the pretentious drama queen...wrong is right/smelly is sweet...when a person they like say/do sumting...which if a normal person does a right thing, it'll be wrong.

The leader...nothing much, just somebody who'll always be picked to become any sorta leader..the worker/the slave for all...not the bad slave...the good one

The corrupt..those under the influence of political parties/VIPs/any other bodies...not too corrupt maybe..but there's some influence of it.

The parasite/epifit..Those who leech off others...for personal gains..being a total thickface. may be assignments...etc

The "click"-er...those who only stay in their clicks....gossiping,badmouthing others like which, some individuals in a click are real asses not worth living...but, denied by the ppl in the clicks, correcting every wrong move as a noble one.

The problem with that,usually mixes around with everybody and tries to stay out of trouble.

The "deer"...more efficiently pronounced as Rusa masuk bandar or worse are the ppl having culture shocks, pertained from a transition of the village/town to the urban life...most likely, can be seen with initial tudungs on, and later lost..with a non-asian appearance.talking abt dyed hair...and also a change in behaviour patterns...which could be from a sweet one to an ass...

The penggebang....More likely "Yes Man"...saying yes to anything, and having hyperbolic description of stuff...usually disliked..but they are fun, coz they are always positive.

The conservative...In the law faculty?hahhahahaha..very funny..

The veterans...consisting of the aged ones..not that old..(no offence)..usually have more experience,due to the fact having a diploma or a degree.

The Players...guys or girls...having more than 1 relationship...switching partners like its mega sale and ususally rotates around.

So that's all for now. I will add more, should i find any.,

Friday, July 3, 2009


yea,the word 'rakyat' is widely used...since the 2008 elections...
Damn i'm sick of it..

Yea,they always say, for the rakyat, let the rakyat choose.
It is true we shape the future of our own country, but, heck, the 'word' is a lil too much used...

Anything happens, Rakyat,
any funny stuff happens, rakyat...
And the list goes on....

Come on, Start being professional and do ur damn jobs instead of whining around saying the 'rakyat' word.
As a rakyat myself, i should give an opinion....stop screwing the country around.

And to the "rakyat", stop being so freaking fanatic to ur political parties...I've seen freaks getting separated and fighting only to upheld the parties...U have brains...use it, not screw it.

It's human..but it's repairable.

We want leaders, not whiners..and it applies to the rakyat too...Stop being fanatics...U have religion, Religion do not teach u that...

Geez, I sure hope the mentality of these people are elevated before the country perishes into a sea of darkness..

p/s: an opinion and a voice out without bad faith