Monday, November 10, 2008

Straightness must never be bent!!

I'm not too well versed,
i admit,
but,as a muslim, i have the urge to say it,

remember the Lut-ians...well, kaum nabi LUT...
Yea, the freaking homos, From Sadum land----Where sodom derives its name...yada yada yada
Malaikat pon dierang nak bang....masya-Allah...

Yea,people have said it's a free country and all,
and it's human right and stuff,
yea, i understand, it's a "hak milik" masing2...

but have u heard of tegur kesalahan method, i mean for a Muslim,
by words,by hands or selemah2 ur heart...(correct me if i'm wrong)

It's not OK to say "Biarlah"-"Let it be"
especially for a Muslim..
tho u may not say it out loud,
but deep in your heart,just say NO!
Tegur lah dalam hati...

Okay,Pertaining to the title,

The Lut-ians,
remembered how they die?
Even Allah forbids nabi lut to look back during his way out of Sadum,
The land is turned,
Forced onto the lowest elevated place on earth,
The dead sea,
Which, it's like damn saaalltyyy,
till anything can float on top of it...
Which goes by its name, DEAD....
Allah Almighty,
He's trying to show us something,
how low these people have stooped!!!

See how These People met their doom?

The world is at its doom,
Y should we speed up its doom even more?



Anonymous said...

dude..i wonder if mr.helmi would be able to read this!!!

LUQA said...


Ismat Abdul Qayyum said...

its good to see people talk about islam. yes, the weakest is that we have the feeling of hatred of the evil deed committed in our hearts. and the best is we develop the feeling of liking goodness and hating blameworthy deeds in ourselves gradually so that we become a better muslim..insyaallah.