Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sumting i created 2 years the brink of bosanness

REd goes crazy,

hearts go flying,

roses go savvy,

love goes undying,

Haram,fatwa goes,

Following deviants as say,

It’s niat that goes,

Your style as you may,

Chocolates go melting,

Roses go bloom,

Is that everything?

To mend your heart ‘boom’?

The day with a V,

Where lovers go flee,

The passion of their glee,

Where love roams free,


zAhIR@h said...

hehehe. this is cool. tiba2 i think paan is probably a romantic. lol. are you?

Thedervish said...

Dude, that was cool man.
Write something like it more.