Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i may not be the most religious person in the world,
but, there;s a point i like 2 prove...

when we say we are going to the surau to pray,
ppl will say,

"pergh,ko ni baik sial!!"

or even if we tell sumbody we want to pray,

ppl still go
"ko ni mmg baik sialll" or "fuyyooo"

for god's sake,
SEMBAHYANG tu WAJIB la bongok!!!!!
xde maknenye nk baik ke jahat....
forgive me for my tardiness, aku pon jahil gak kekadang.....


Diana Mohd Saari said...

ur right paan =) awesome post!

Life without God is no life at all..kan kan?

shimmerman said...

inspired by...? hahahah.

dayana said...

Lol. Betul. Prayer is compulsory and sometimes you just have to make do with whatever you have and that means praying at the roadside or gas station or just about any place yang bersih asalkan solat.

I had this one ridiculous answer once. She didn't pray because takde telekung. We were on a road trip la time tu.

Lol. Senang nye jawab.