Wednesday, July 9, 2008

india trip 2

From Sri Lanka to Cochin..we finally arrived...
the story continues....

We arrived in Cochin after 2 hours of flight..It was a nice,medium sized city, tho a lil dusty...

Okay,the accomodation was good,tho my room smells like curry(rempah kaw2)..not cool.....prolly coz atas dapur kot,lol...but still uncool.....

SO after dressing up, kami bertolak ke wedding which was around 200Km
it took us 3 hours....and believe it or not, along the 200km, all i see was settlements and humans!

Okay..enough about that...

This is how an Indian Muslim's wedding goes.

  • The guests are huddled up in a hall, and yea,it's like watching a concert
  • The Ustaz arrives
  • He sits on the chair at the middle o the stage and gives a sermon
  • At the middle of the stage,basically there;s a table and several chairs
  • Kirenye itu tempat akad nikah
  • So the groom arrives
  • He sits,and also saksi-ed by his father in law, the akad nikah process begins,
  • They shake hand,agree upon everything, he signs the marriage cert. and everything is done.
  • So he hugs his father in law first, and then, the guests of honor gets to hug him too,in a prize giving ceremony way,without calling out names...
  • Done?yep, it's makan2 time...
  • (see Pictures below)
P/s: I was imagining sumthing like hindustan movie stuff,but xde....They don't have the bersanding stuff..a simple wedding it is.

Food time....whew,orgasmic, that's what i can say,,even the best mamak shops cant beat it...
(refer pics below)......kinda stuffed my self in a

The food...wohoo....feels like heaven....

Cochin City

Government guest house...where we stayed
It's everywhere

not ganges..tho there are many of these things here

they're under communist rule

this is where the wedding was held..weird name huh?

the host, Mr. Bava
my dad's on the left+ the merry men from malaysia

where the wedding took place

waiting for akad nikah

Ustaz giving sermons..aku x paham ape die kate...semua dalam arabic

Agreement being made

Signing agreement

Everything is settled...both parties hugged,and YOU're MARRIED!

Food for the soul.....ow yeah!

And after that....the government guest house was seen again after 200 more kilometres...
everyone slept...perut kenyang

This was what i snapped on the way back...b4 dozing off like hell

That's cochin for now....

To be continued...ciao~


Dra Omar said...

wah. dah smpai ke cochin? nape x singgah tamil nadu ? hehe
well,indian food mmg heaven ~ :D

paan said...

ade pegi tamil nadu...g madras..