Wednesday, December 10, 2008

War of the Phage- Day 2

Day 2

It is getting colder...the call for reinforcements seems to fade away..
The troops are dropping one by one like bacteria under antibiotics..
Munitions are running low, each of us with only a mag 2 move on..
The phage army found our hideout, and riddled us with more and more bullets,
without forgetting the constant shelling.

All hope is lost...


amidst the smoke and debris,
a light reaches us,
Thank god, reinforcements have arrived.

An Ezede bomb dropped from our bombers....


In an instant the phage army was only a distant memory.
All that remains, was a few, which was gunned down by a cat and mouse chase,to the very end..

Victory, although short, was a pure satisfaction...

WE march on,
into the war clad battlefield,
with senses 360,
WAtching eveything that lingers around...

The reinforcements, without fail had proven to be helpful.
The general had been kind enough to send us nurofen-type bullets and shells..
Hell Yeah,
We're gonna fry these bastards straight out from the system


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