Wednesday, December 10, 2008

War of the Phage- Day 1

Day 1

An explosion in the sky shook everything up. The Phage Nation made a surprise attack at dawn, leaving a large amount of casualty behind. They were too quick. Everything was gone in a split second.

All that is left were remnants of the white army. We fleed into the higher grounds.
Commander Retro Virus (RV) planned a counter attack involving a flank attack.

Mission failed. WE were far too outnumbered...Our standard Panadol carbine are far less superior than the flu-gun used by the phage army in the battle. Out of 40, 10 of our troops lost their lives..commander RV too was seriously wounded, though thankfully not fatal. The enemy...yeah, we gave them a hell of a fight though overcomed by vast differences...They lost a few soldiers and a few trucks.

As we retreat into the depths of the vein forests, A distress call was made, seeking reinforcements. coverage was shitty..Damn Maxis..huh. All we did was pray for the best and barricaded our posts...while shivering in fear under the heavy mucus rain and constant shelling of the T-4 artillery by the Phage army. Bummer...Where's the Damn reinforcements....

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