Thursday, December 25, 2008

DEc. 25

Christmas...from my observation,is enjoyed by many,
even the non christian too....
well,no wonder,
the thought of santa and his rain deers,
and also the present giving thingy plus the snow,
And opening up the presents,
The mistletoe and stuff,

yea,what peaceful image it creates in this forsaken world...

But then,In our country, we celebrate every festival..
Seboleh-bolehnya nak celebrate abes!
i just chatted with my friend in Russia,
On Christmas eve,he has classes and there's no holidays,
and my dad told me, when he was in LA,
The atmosphere there was just normal,
NO big budget celebrations and such

Our country..talking about multiracial community..

I ain't being to radical here,
but, 4 me,as a Muslim, it's not wrong 2 wish others,
just do not get too indulged in the celebration,
coz,remember the pine tree..
The YAhudi protector,Yea,When the time comes

yea, I respect other religions,
And I dont condemn any,
It's just a rant,
from what i observe....
WE do make too much of a celebration in out country,
WE are number one in that sense.
But in other senses,
Are we actually growing weaker day by day?

It's good to fantasize all those stuff,
just don't overdo it..ahahahaa

p/s : If it snows in Malaysia, Tasik Shah ALam,Titiwangsa,+ ors would be a large skating ring..hahahaha


dee.m.saari said...

iv been thinking bout this actually.

it's weird to even get christmas messages from muslims..

mcm. huh? and i dont even remember getting raya msgs from him?

Anonymous said...

your friend in russia? macam kenal je budak tu. haha.