Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ho ho ho

A 5 year old kid and his mom went to a shopping complex somewhere in New York,
Christmas eve was around,
And there was Santa in the mall...He was listening to the children's whispers and was sitting on a big chair.

On the way back, the kid asked, "Mommy, who is Santa?"
Mom replied, "Santa is an rounded belly old man, with a white beard. HE brings presents to kids every christmas, and he wears a red suit,while riding rain deers to give presents."

The Kid asked again, "where does he live?"
Mom replied, " The north pole, dear."
The kid replied, " He must be lonely,penguins and polar bears lives there right?."
Mom : errr,

Kid : "Mommy, just now i saw the news"
Mom : Really? what did u see?
Kid : A man with a white beard
Mom : Santa? nice..
Kid : No no no...the news lady called him ter,rrr,sst, trorast...
Mom : It's terrorist dear
Kid : ..Mom, that man had a white beard, and his belly is huge....why are they cruel
to him? Why Santa?
Mom : that is because.....

Kid : And mommy mommy, Yesterday I was at Malik's house,
Mom : REally?
Kid : Malik is a Muslim, he told me, mommy, what is Muslim?
Mom : Errr
Kid : and Mommy mommy, i saw santa claus at Malik's house yesterday
Mom : Santa who?
Kid : He was going outside. He was carrying a big black bag!
Mom : How do you know he was santa dear?
Kid : He had a white beard, a big belly and he was wearing red!!!!
Mom : He must be Malik's dad, (going out to throw the trash)---smacked her forehead
Kid : MAlik's dad is Santa? Coooool!!!!

Kid : i heard from Malik, every grown muslim man needs to grow a beard, is Santa muslim?
Mom : *stunned* trying to divert kid's attention,,...

The story is just a rant, to let us think about it.

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