Friday, January 2, 2009

beza yang apekah?

Firstly, weed and its family is illegal in many countries,
and ciggarates are legal...same goes with medicines...

but then, try thinking.,.....

eg., a man pops an aspirin to sooth his headache, this is when corporate capitalism shit kicks in....and he'll be longing for more to sooth headaches...what if he pops 13 aspirins..He'll never live a day to see his ass.

Same goes with ciggarates...which has all the chemicals that my chemical romance would not go emo about....sold by corporate companies, getting a shitload of money from smokers...t ciggarates contain nicotine, making one an addict...and a lot more of stuffs..yada yada yada

okay, i don't smoke, but i do see people smoking pure tobacco. Do they crave for it?
and shisha too...well, some may crave, but i do shisha too,and i'm not addicted to it..same goes with my buddies...well shisha is legal...

moving on, i heard that weed, is pure, and those smoking it are not addicted, tho it's still human to be addicted to it. U heard anyone died of weed overdose? panadol,yes...

So what i'm trying to say here is, stuffs that are legal, sometimes could do u real bad stuff,,,and illegal stuffs,well it's up to u,,,

It's like, they know ciggarates are addictive, so they legalize it,and in turn make profits, and pay some as taxes.Same goes with medicine....those legal drugs u get in stores, lemme ask u, do u sometimes feel to dependant on it?

I'm not condemning anything here,smoke all you want, I don't care. IT's just a thought wooshing thru my mind.

Yea,what i wrote may contradict some, but who cares, it's every person's opinion...I'm not forcing u 2 agree with me or what.
Just trying to make the brain run a lil..hahahahaa

Peace and out,
Still, I ain't touching the illegal shit...ko gile ape?

ow yea, if u'r trying to debate with me, don't bother, like i said, this is just a piece of my mind and i'm really tad lazy to debate..hahaha,


Thedervish said...

Thems money hungry capitalists.. buggers.

dee.m.saari said... post!

i've honestly never thought of it that way..

zAhIR@h said...

wasn't gonna debate with u puuuuun =P


megati said...

yup mmg ade ppl checked out from weed overdose. n panadol overdose wont shut you down. first you will get liver failure, then it goes cirrhotic, and you will die slowly in pain. hehehhe