Sunday, August 17, 2008

galle-ria 1

the classes of law 497(law n politics) led by Mr irmo stormed the galeri Saas and istana Alam Shah....

well, here are the chronological events that goes during the trip...

in the bus

tangan sengal

hahaha,bas grp lagi 1 kt belakang

arrived, we have

the gallery

tourist batak


the area nearby

ol skool view

frontal view

the gallery again
the corridoor

we are vain

going in

our lecturer and our guide

everybody seems restless

well, the gallery is a veryyy old building, dated back to the colonial days.
It's a gift 2 the sultan, if not mistaken, and he ensures it stays preserved, in its original form..

Here's the end of the 1st part...part 2 coming soon


Anonymous said...

hahahaha me pulak hehehe

Anonymous said...

paan. aku invite ko join chatroom bloggers kat sidebar blog aku.

kedai kopi chatroom. create account, and copy paste chatroom ni kat blog ko.

shimmerman said...

nak gamba sultan! haha. mr irmo confirm mb 2012. hahahahaha.