Tuesday, March 16, 2010

kambing madness

the crew

(above,below) LAMB MAGHDUT
(above) the aftermath
(above) bonus, hummus....the reaaly hummusgasmic food

this was taken around last month....yea, late upload, i know...but, this is a story about valor, courage, and journey, to obtain the LAMB MAGHDUT @ Ar-Rawsha, Jalan Damai, Ampang, KL....

In my personal opinion, no other places can beat the taste of the food here. i mean in an arab-food sorta way.

for 5 people, the lamb maghdut is more than adequate, but for 8 peeps, u'll need 2 of these...couple it with hummus and barbicans or mint tea, u'll get the satisfaction of ur life.

Later, shisha/hookah at al-andalus, niec place, great atmosphere, lotsa gadis, muahahahhaa
(inset) the crew (above)

(below) okay, a smoky time-alone session

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