Monday, May 11, 2009


Bile terbaca blogpost Azrul, make sense gak...

Law...3 thn blaja...and aku rase ia satu penipuan dan sungguh putar belit..
katenye, cari makan lawyer....well, living on putar belitness that is...

So what started all these litigation madness??
The answer : BRITISH....yea, the whole system of law and all these litigation craziness....

It's good to have your rights protected and stuff, but to the extent of somebody snatching a book from u causing a cessation of movement(Chandrika Gao's case) and also in torts cases, where a simple misdemeanor could lead to the courts...One word, they are really a good way sometimes, but nevertheless, at times seems irritating...although in some ways, it's a good to be direct way...

In our country, we adopt the Pasrah-i-tism rule.....WE give and we forget...although to some extent we do have our PHd in Perasaan Hasad Dengki...But here, the pasrahism may be a courteous thing, but at times, the grudge is the scariest shit among all.

Lets go to the clothings.All the robes and stuff....the crazy hairdo, daamn...Why do we have to adopt this freaky style in the modern world???It aint the stone age. And robes, yeah, it's cool, makes u look distinguished and stuff...tho at times i wonder, Does it?

Okay,there are pros and cons...which, to serve justice in the presence of

Back to the clothing or anything related to it.......we are like 50 years, it's fine if we Use the Civil LAw Act to refer to British Laws in remedying any lacunaes...

But to the extent of clothing? Surely we can think of something else. Of course it's the distinguished presence,look that sets apart the 'lex' people....but yea, it seems like we do not have our own identity regarding to the law...well,the same goes with the other commonwealth countries..

Although it's not my power or authority to say this, it's just a piece of my mind.
It's OK to follow some good things brought by the colonist...But 50 years of Independence, we should do something...or we are just the colonies that never changes.

It's a good thing law exists, to bring peace and upheld morality and all those similar shyte...but then again, Law is also where it's a competition(Common Law), a debate, a drama, reaching for money, which is essential in this so called capitalist world...Tengok Altantuya pon cukup...sampai naik Toya dah pon.

So, these are my opinions, which i do not condemn the system fully, it's just that, I felt some things are just plain ol lame....which needs a revolution...and yea, i do 'love' the law subjects, which there's no calculation, and yea, making your brain cells benchpress to the max..ahahahaha..

So long.

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azrul md yazid said... be against the system fully..hehehehe...we have too many law ler..better lg pakai kuno yg tulis atas tiang tu..hahahaha