Monday, May 11, 2009

Dawn of war 2

Yep..I'm hooked with this game
It's totally different from the usual dawn of war's more of an RPG..
u get to increase experience levels and also could dispose off unwanted items for experience points...
u can also equip ur characters with lotsa weapons,armors and powerups...

Although there are only 4 factions here, the blood ravens, the eldars, orks, and also the new dudes, the tyranid...

Somehow, it feels like playing starcraft+ a more modern environment.
the blood ravens look like terrans, the eldars are similar to protoss, and the tyranid looks like zerg...

pitures : credit to

For the emperor...the catchphrase..

These are the characters

I hate the tyranids...although they are easy to kill..hahhaa

These creatures does have some resemblance to the Zerg faction in Starcraft.

THis is the real deal...ahahaaha

the battle with the orks

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