Wednesday, April 1, 2009


running away....
yea, i felt that at times,
running away from all the problems that arise,
weight,confidence issues,academically not so smart,
girls, with other people,
at times i just wished i never exist...

but pondering on life itself,
if i run away, that'll make me less of a man,
since man are becoming extinct and the emergence of the LUT colony,
it'll be a disgrace to run away..

However,..i'm human..we're human...
i could run away too..
but yea, i try no to..
praying my will, my soul toughens up..
life itself is a bitch at times.
To and fro shit happens..
it sux.
i know, we all know...
but what to do....dugaan it seems..
terima je..sabar je..
at times it's unbearable, but yea as a muslim...
ade hikmah sebaliknya..insya allah..

Although, i just hope to be in great success...
for i feel its quite empty for the moment...
well, it's 2 more years of law school...whew.
sabar je la...
thinking 2 major in sumting else after i graduate...any ideas?

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