Sunday, October 26, 2008

the methodology of left out

it always happen..

any events going on will not be known,

friends huh?
even the oldest of friends or the closest of neighbours...daang..

friends again huh?

if any of u hate me or have a problem with me..tell me u motherfucker!
no heart's better dat way...

no ill feelings towards anyone here...


well that's life...

life goes on

no whining about it,

people come and go,

well, application of the chill word must go on,

fly away,far far away


Teddy said...

chill... gi baca blog aku, respon kepada entry ko.

shimmerman said...

paan, i have issues with you.
i wasn't there to celebrate your 21st and eat all the good food.
compensation: lets go eat roti stim when i get back.

paan said...

mari,haha..kt sec 9 ade roti stim

Achmed said...