Monday, July 2, 2012

Lama tak update wehhh

I have not updated a thing for a very long time...Hi

Chambering/pupilage period....9 months of...well, it's a mix of feelings and a journey where i find new friends and also rejoining old friends. It may not be much, but it does prepare me a little upon entering into the legal world.

2 more days until I complete my pupillage period..AND there's 2 weeks of replacement...after that, it's MEnganggur time again for me.

Ow yeah, the Ramadhan month is coming. Kudos to that.. Holiday and Ramadhan..the best combination ever...and also, I need to find firms looking for corporate firms anywhere near PJ or Subang...

I hope my filing goes through without any problems and i'll just sit and wait for my long call...insyaallah

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