Monday, August 8, 2011

2 iron

yesterday i was hanging out with Joe and Wan at Pjs 8 Fflats...It was seriously ghetto, and i had fun, in a new environment. as we were exiting the lift from the 14th floor, this is where the 1st irony begins.

Ususally in Malaysia, courtesy is a far cry. Where i once verbally abused ( okay that's too much). I mean voiced out against these group of people who wouldn't even let me and the other people get out from the lift. Main masuk saja...Okay a little off topic

Now, there is this one maknyah ( transvestite) directing the other users to wait first, and let the people in the lift go out first..i was like, daang, a civic minded person amidst the ghetto surrounding ( no offence)...but hey, a civic minded person, being a morally wronged person ( i am not a person who supports gay/lesbian/transvestite) can have courtesy..guess the world is still living..ahaha, us 3 were really amazed.

Moving on,

After berbuka, we went to watch Rise planet of the Apes...great movie and after the movie ends, we made our move. At that time, another irony strucks....Opposite Sunway Pyramid, there's a mosque, and the tarawikh session is still going on. There are recitals from the Holy Quran.

What struck me was, at the opposite side of the road, where i am at the moment, amoi's, ladies in their drool inducing outfits were rushing to clubs...ahaha....speaking of irony...

Well, that's all for now. More post to come, InshaAllah

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