Monday, April 25, 2011


It's been a while since i blogged..

I can't believe i'm finishing my 2nd degree, well a 4 more papers, 2 trials, and i'm done. Talking about missing Mono and Deadmau5 due to CTA ( DAMMMMMIIITT!!!!! Y u no make it earlier?)

And then there's work...okay, i didn't plan that one just's either the pupilage period or government service..

But hey, i believe in "rezeki" is everywhere, and insyaAllah, with some guidance i'll decide on what to do. For now, after finishing all these crazy law stuff, i think i'll continue my freelancing photography/videography activities and improvise myself. Oh, losing weight too of course...

Come on come on.....i need my holidays!! strap on the neuron shocker, i need to complete this..

* This is madness, THIS IS LLB!