Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fallout : Shah Alam part 1

Now i'm addicted to fallout new Vegas, and it's during the exam week....wohooo

From my point of view, i think that shah alam could be a nice setting for the fallout franchise.....

first, there's the shah alam lake. and that, is a nice place to spawn all sorts of mutated animals...and not to forget, the water's irradiated, amd the whole place is dishevelled..(imagine).. the MBSA building could be a place for raiders, fiends, or any population striving on the lake...

among other places that could be a cool government/raider/mutant/abandoned/interesting places are,

1. muzium shah alam - home of artifacts, or some old man who preserves valuable items...

2. kompleks pkns - a ground for ghouls and mutated animals...high concentration of radiation/legion outpost

3. SACC - a civilised ghoul city or any troop outpost,

4. SACC convec- same as above

5. SIRIM - a large server/ a supercomputer controlling the city

6. UiTM - main troop HQ/ slaver HQ / Legion HQ / supermutant HQ

to be continued...after REmedies exam....

What do you think?

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