Friday, June 11, 2010


the british monarch themselves are direct bloodlines of the egyptian pharaohs. And that, are related to the masons...just watch the arrivals..u'll know...

They controlled like almost every part of the world..including our country..Which means, spreading their influences and their knowledge here. I'm not trying to be a weed high hippie here, but our law derives from them. The "common" law.

So, through this "common" law, we are colonialized, and look what's happened now.

First, our constitution is drafted by who? Pakis, Indian, NZ, Aussie, England's judges...the Reid such a way, and i'm not demeaning the constitution. but has really made our lives messed up, especially the future.

See Lina Joy's situation, and also how we are in a state of turmoil just because of that...How Islam itself is challenged...SYaria' law is ridiculed, and now, i'm praying to god our country will not be as messed up in the future.

Back to brits.,,it can be said that the Antichrist centre was there, and does that make sense, on how it may have a way to screw up Islam?

History had shown, how Malacca had fallen, despite being one of the greatest Muslim empire. Because of?

Incompetent Sultan, and possibly the lady in red, you know who, the wife of another...which yeah, saw how the Sultan executed her whole family and wants her despite being another man's wife.

so, it may be one of the antichrist's plan to bring down islam here...We're screwed by Portugal, the Dutch and then the Brits. What happened to us? yeah. we do had a glorious Johor-Riau sultanate, but can it match Malacca? no....owh, why do the british wants singapore, what else, their "base of operation"...US's poodle,

so now, back to the current events, we are a country with Islam as its official religion, but yeah, are we?

to be continued


Anonymous said...

couldnt agree more with u bro. good analysis

paan said...

thanks, feel free to add anything u want

etc said...

paan, i can see where you're coming from and what you're trying to say, but i think it would help if you made things a lot more coherent.

some posts you want to keep casual and that's fine with jumping around from point to point, but for something argumentative, i think you should try planning out a set number of points, be focused, and be opinionated on that. reference your material and quote where necessary, just like an article or review. and don't bite off more than you can chew, because it kinda leaves the reader wondering what you were trying to say in the first place.

anyway, keep on writing, hope this helps. god knows best,