Sunday, May 30, 2010


some say being alone is all emo and ain't..yea, you have friends, and if you need a lone time, that's normal.

same goes to doesn't kill to not have one..well, some says you'll get lonely and's up to what you feel.

being good with others is not a bad thing. Yep, it's true. Well, if you fucked up, it's okay, you're human..not a robot..although prejudice kicks in, and yea, your life is screwed.

We're not perfect, so excuse my loud and crazy behavior...If you don't like it...screw you, there are more people welcoming my behavior.

If you don't get invited to any events or functions, screw doesn't kill...unless the person is your neighbour, known for years, and found about it, many months's waaaay funny...funny

If you hangout with a group, and always get left doesn;t kill too...they don't want you...well yeah, some rumours or weird stores circulates who cares, screw them..find new friends, or just go lone wolf...

If you go lone wolf, at times, it ain't too don't sin badmouthing others, do any maksiats or stuff...same goes for single don't touch the untouchables, which abstinence may be visible.

If you just had it with your surrounding, just let it be. If people don't want you, or are just using you for personal gains....well, screw them..

All these are from my personal experiences..well, at times, it's good to be a lone wolf..where you do need your own time.

Therefore, pick your friends carefully.wrong move, you're dead.if you screwed up, just move on.

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