Friday, September 4, 2009


Somehow, in the changing of times, the soul wanders freely,
vaguely like a ghost, wandering without a plave to go,
unwanted, disliked, besmirched...

Ever wanted to smoke those fools, kek-wating like hell,
Where we do stuff, genuinely, without a sense of poyoness,
and there we go uncool, but someone else, with better looks or shit,
gets the credit, only to leave us dangling, like leaves of brown,

Ever wondered why u'r left out,
for being who you are, a genuine freak of nature,
mistaken for a pauper, seeking acceptance,
where his intent are pure, friendship ain't a game,
but dismissed like a total fool, left out in event or so,

Ever been in someone's shoe, where dreams are within grasp,
but nevertheless ruptured by close ones, claiming superiority or seniority,
like hell the word care applies, all matters are the essence of discontent,
at the feeling of loosing and alienated for ur thoughts.

A seniority sparks wisdom, but not arrogance, or kekwat,
to chill is never tiresome, and to laugh is not a burden,
cherish the moments inside, for all it may,

feeling like a boy dyed red, runnning in white,
always a contra, in all he makes, albeit the thoughts of those,
typical 'totok'ness, of showing their true race, named like a wither,
of laziness and arrogance, unaccepting the aliens, of which is like gold,
compared to dust, like urself..arses...

So life goes on, in a trance of uncertainty,
unknowingly, who stabs or who's the nurse,
portraying facades of emotions to be captured,
like an aperture, the bigger the better,
in so far, between you and yor soul, it's ubirrimae fidae.


Anonymous said...

panzer..we want more satan commercials!hahaha

azrul md yazid said...

yeah...!!!!!!! sokong sid..!!!

azrul md yazid said...

after a while..i read this entry..and then...aku terase....hahaha...damn~