Thursday, August 13, 2009


a few meaningless posts...just for fun, and back to the normal ones..

The year's going sunset, with september catching in, and oh wait, Ramadhan! coolness..and now, the pandemic that's threatening the shit out of every man..the H1N1.

Rumours had it that Uitm's gonna be closed down for 1 month/ a semester? Like, wtf? lambat la aku nak grad. Talking about holidays,here's the holidays.hahaha

And yea, age is catching up fast, i'm gonna be 22 this year..whoaa, with a stamina worse than a 40 yr old..brace up...jogging's gonna be my date in a few about age, my friends are getting married..well, some are married (with an exception of NOT INVITING UR NEIGHBOUR AND HAVING KNOWN FOR AROUND 10 YEARS), i'm really feeling old..Rizal,Syasya and later Hanif..

As for me,i'm still gonna stay single and ponder on life till i get bored of

Things change a lot! people's true when they say life's a circle. It gets back at ya, at times..well, to put it in a simpler way, dugaan. Moreover, it's also the age of uncertainty and madness...talking about's a freaking zoo out there...hopefully no more when our time comes.

Ow yea, finally, a taste of SAF..played basketball, made thru till the 2nd round...very bad stamina, but its the best basketball experience ever...great team and teammates,,Lex Knights rule!!

ciao...i've done enough merepeking

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