Monday, March 9, 2009


There was a story of a boy who leads a normal life. Everything was ok, here and there. However, a few things bug him..

He has an interest to improvise his life.. For some stuff he cant do, he doesn't do it. But for some stuff he really wants to do, and have a promising perspective, it's all suppressed..suppressed.

He interviewed for some stuff, but people under him got the post..He busted his ass memorizing some stuff for some play, but another person gets it, Well, it ain't the rezeki coming. It's fine tho.

THe boy ain't having mala fide thoughts. The boy redha je...No rezeki maa...terima je..But the boy sometimes sees this as a lil fucked up at times for he is always not told of what and how things go. Talking about being left out. THat ain't cool.

So for anyone outside there, always tell, tell about stuff. Don't fuck ppl around and left them in question.

Another public message...

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