Thursday, September 25, 2008

al fatihah

an aunt of mine passed away yesterday,
to be precise, Aunty Wan,
The story of her death really startled me,
as told by my mom,
she had just finished her zohor prayers, and is still in her telekung,
she called the imam of her area,
and as the imam arrived at her hse with his wife,
she joyfully payed her zakat and donated to the charity,
but then, she collapsed a lil and the imam's wife helped her up,
she regained her conciousness and the imam helped her thru her sakaratulmaut,
aiding her in the kalimah syahadah...
and she passed away peacefully, in the holy month of Ramadhan....

She passed away in a very iman-ic maner, as such she was enjoying her zakat and her sedekah, and also still in her telekung, draped in wudhu'..

She is to be remembered.
Her tearful like eyes supresses her pain and agony while she always let out the most cheerful smile that can sooth you,
Her bear hug is always meaningful, as if u r hugging a teddy bear,
and her coolness and her very sabar manner is just what u need when u are down,

Al fatihah, may god bless ur soul,
especially in this holy month of ramadhan.....

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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that paan..